A Confluence of Confidence, Credibility and Concord Specialized Aluminum & Steel Co. WLL (SASCO) was founded in 1983 in the state of Qatar. Since its very humble inception, the phenomenal success of SASCO Group can be attributed to the virtues of its great visionary, contented clientele, uncompromising quality and enviable growth. The SASCO Group comprises of 23 companies and its Flagship Company, Specialized Aluminum & Steel Co. and Imperial Trading & Contacting Co. (ITCC) are the most renowned companies in the State of Qatar. In order to render better tailor-made service to the customers with enhanced efficiency, perfection and quality, SASCO Group owns and operates its own factories and other facilities such as Aluminum & Steel Cladding, Fabrication, Industrial Insulation, Scaffolding, Construction more
Mission & Vision
Our Vision: “To spearhead and set a
new standard by striving to achieve
competitive excellence through
technological advancements in our
01-07-2015 to 31-08-2015, 8.30 AM to 12.30 PM SUNDAY to THURSDAY
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